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This Is A One-Time Offer ONLY! You Will Never See This Page Again!


Say goodbye to your

"mummy tummy" and "peezing"

with the


30-Day Core and Pelvic Floor VIDEO Program

Helping moms strengthen and heal their core, pelvic floor, 

close their abdominal separation (diastasis recti), and

get rid of their “mummy tummy”


Step-by-step daily guided10 minute video streams!


Keep Reading If You:

  • Have a soft belly or can't seem to find your core muscles after having a baby

  • Get bored of doing the same exercises over and over again

  • Have an abdominal separation (diastasis recti) causing “mummy tummy” and/or back pain

  • Forget to do your core exercises daily (because you are so dang BUSY)

  • Experiencing peezing (peeing a little when you sneeze, jump, exercise, or cough)

  • Have an abdominal bulge

Then, this program is for you!

How the program works :

149.97   now 29.99

*use one-time coupon code: 5473

Your 30-day program includes:

Guided Fitness Videos

30 Days Guided


Training Program

Leads you through your entire 10-minute daily practice to strengthen and heal your core and pelvic floor. Simply follow along with each exercise.


Meal Plan By A Registered Dietitian

Meal Plan that is simple, delicious, and healthy to get back on track after having a baby.

What To Avoid

Exercises To Avoid

Which exercises and other activities to avoid to allow proper healing.

*use coupon code: healbefore2019

Who is this program for?

New moms who are looking to close their abdominal separation (even a couple years after birth) and strengthen and heal their core and pelvic floor to get rid of their abdominal bulge and urinary incontinence when they sneeze or jump.

About Jessica

  • Registered Dietitian

  • Certified Diabetes Educator

  • Certified Bariatric Educator

  • Pre & Postnatal fitness and yoga Instructor

  • Mom of three


Jessica has been teaching pregnant and postpartum moms since 2009 in a variety of settings including fitness/yoga, prenatal health and gestational diabetes clinics and postpartum weight management. 


She has recently has taken her local practice online at Pregnancy and Postpartum TV!

*use coupon code: healbefore2019
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