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Science, strategies, and support to reach your postpartum health and weight goals.


You know all the textbook weight loss answers and you are doing all the “tummy flattening” exercises, but they aren’t helping you achieve your post-baby health goals. This is because those answers don’t address the key to success: your brain, your hormones, and your strategy.

The 6-week Rewired Mama Program is a safe space that makes shedding extra weight mentally and physically healthy. It’s a space where you will

  • Rewire your brain to eat intentionally, not emotionally

  • Heal, strengthen and flatten your core

  • Free your self from food cravings

  • Gain control over negative food habits

  • Achieve your goal weight and strengthen & flatten your core after pregnancy!

And you’ll do it all with a community of strong, supportive women. 

Today is the best day to start taking care of yourself—body and mind!

Join as a founding member:

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Harmonize your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Rewired Mama Includes:

Rewired Mama Includes:
Digital Mind
Rewiring Your Brain
Core Healing and Flattening
Jogging in Park
Small Group Support
Chopping Coriander
Nutrition & Meal Planning
Studying at Home
Motivation & Inspiration
Meat Burger and Chips
Hunger/Craving Strategies
  • LIVE workshops covering:

    • Rewire your brain to get to your goal weight

    • Strategies to start your journey strong and follow through for long-term success.

    • How to curb cravings, appetite and hunger

    • The science, hormones and psychology of weight loss

    • How to navigate our current environment and pressures from society

  • 30-day core healing and flattening exercise program

  • Bloating, hormones and postpartum tummy workshop

  • 6-weeks small group support, inspiration, and weekly live Q&A with Jessica Pumple (Registered Dietitian and Bariatric (weight loss) Educator)

  • 4 meal plans options to reach your postpartum goals.

$297    now $147

*use code: rewiredbeta

Hi, I'm Jessica

I’m a mom to three beautiful humans and I used to be addicted to sugar.  I decided to become a dietitian to figure out my own health and food issues. I learned all about what to eat and why, but this knowledge wasn’t enough to help me or my clients.

Then, I started learning about the psychology of wanting and weight. I studied cognitive behavior therapy, cognitive restructuring, motivational communication, and acceptance-based therapy. For the first time, a flip switched in my brain and I saw food differently.

I created a healthier lifestyle for myself and wanted to share what I learned with women like me. That’s why I created the Rewired Mama Program.

My approach combines compassion and science to help you shape your body in a healthy, effective way. Together, we will set realistic goals that never leave you feeling deprived.

Why Work with me

  • Founder of the Pregnancy and Postpartum TV YouTube Channel

  • Registered Dietitian working with pregnant and postpartum moms

  • Certified Diabetes Educator

  • Certified Bariatric Educator (Weight Loss Educator) - only a handful of dietitians in the country have this certification

  • Pre & postnatal fitness and yoga instructor with a focus on core healing after pregnancy.


You can rewire your brain

When your daily habits add up, they equal your lifestyle. This is why The Rewired Mama Program puts the psychology of habits and decision making at the center of success.

You set the expectations. I’ll give you the tools and strategies to achieve your goals, and exceed your own expectations.

$297    now $147

*use the founding member code: rewiredbeta

Not sure the program is for you? Ask me your questions:

We also have a 100% refund policy for 1 year! You will have time to implement all the strategies and get results. If you complete the program and don't get the results, you get your money back in full!

Thanks for submitting! I will reply to you as soon as possible!

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