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9 Easy Yoga Stretches for Moms with Sore Necks, Shoulders and Upper Back

Spending what feels like ALL day breastfeeding has left me with a super sore neck, shoulders and upper back. I get this complaint a lot from my clients as well.

Whether you are breastfeeding or sore from the extra weight of your belly in pregnancy below are 9 easy yoga stretches that will ease the aches and leave you feeling like you just walked out of a massage!

1. Neck Rolls, Shoulder Shrugs and Shoulder Rolls

2. Beach Ball Chest Opener

3. Eagle Arms

4. Cat and Cow

5. Child's Pose with Side Stretch

6. Wide-Leg Forward Fold

7. Hand or Forearm-on-the-Wall Shoulder Stretch

8. Seated Forward Fold Over Bolster

9. Reclining Chest Opener Over Bolster

I hope these stretches help you as much as they helped me!

Below is also the full-length 15 minute yoga video with all of the stretches.

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