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Are planks safe for diastasis recti?

“There is so much conflicting info out there around what exercises are safe for diastasis recti. Some say planks are safe and others say they aren’t. What exercises are actually safe?” 🤷‍♀️

Thanks so much, Amber, for your question. I get this question often so I thought I would share with other moms as well 💕

One of the most important aspects of healing diastasis recti and getting rid of the “mom pouch” is avoiding the unsafe movements and exercises.

Today’s video breaks it all down how you can assess your own body to see which exercises are safe for you. 💪

Please share with your moms friends who could benefit from knowing how to safely heal their core and get rid of their mommy tummy 🙏

*this is general information only. See your doctor or physiotherapist for individualized advice

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