Top 10 pregnancy YouTube Channels to follow to answer all your pregnancy questions!

The latest research supports that birthing upright reduces pain in labor and one study shows it reduces the second phase of labor by 23 minutes. 

The squatty potty can be used to make squatting or kneeling easier in labor and much less expensive than a birthing stool. W...

Heal your sore and achy back in pregnancy with this 30-minute stretch and strengthen yoga and fitness class!

Many women have back pain in pregnancy. The stretching helps fix the pain and the strengthening helps prevent the aches from returning.

Don’t forget to GRAB...

Spending what feels like ALL day breastfeeding has left me with a super sore neck, shoulders and upper back. I get this complaint a lot from my clients as well.

Whether you are breastfeeding or sore from the extra weight of your belly in pregnancy below are 9 easy yoga...

This 25 minute pregnancy yoga class is designed for those struggling with varicose veins or simply sore legs and feet. It can be practiced in all trimesters. 

First, we get the blood flowing to protect the veins. Then, we get down on the mat and focus on floor yoga...

Video of the BEST Core exercise for pregnancy to prepare for labor, help prevent diastasis recti and get help prepare to get body back faster after birth!

Prenatal yoga video and stretches to relieve sciatica and low back pain.

Today I was chatting live all about microbiota (gut bacteria) and how our gut microorganisms influence how many calories we absorb.

Did you know we can actually absorb 10% more calories if we have unhealthy gut bacteria, fermicutes, which are also knows as the obesity m...

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