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10 Minute Diastasis Recti Healing Video To Get Rid of “Mummy Tummy”

Join me in this short 10 minute postpartum fitness video doing 5 effective diastasis recti healing moves to get rid of your "Mummy Tummy"!

I’ve been cleared by my doctor and pelvic floor physiotherapist to start working on healing my diastasis recti by doing about 10 minutes each day of inner core work (strengthening the transverse abdominis muscles). Note: this is more rehab and not considered “starting exercising”. Last pregnancy I had a 4-finger gap and healed it less than 1 finger. Here is the link with my full guide to how I healed my gap that I’m planning on following again now after this pregnancy.

*Always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine and listen to your body and never do anything uncomfortable or painful.

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