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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Pregnancy Exercises

We have posted 6 symphysis pubis dysfunction pregnancy exercises on Pregnancy and Postpartum TV to relieve pain quickly. Do these exercises 1 - 2 x per day to stabilize, strengthen and prevent extra movement at the joint (from the relaxin hormone in pregnancy) that is causing the pain.

The 6 symphysis pubis dysfunction exercises that I guide you through are:

1. Toe Taps

2. Glute activated bridge with kegal

3. Quadruped rows

4. Quadruped hip extension

5. Squats

6. Hip adductor squeeze

These exercises are also helpful for symphysis pubis dysfunction after pregnancy. Try them daily or twice per day for symphysis pubis dysfunction relief and symphysis pubis dysfunction treatment.

***Free Guide: The Ultimate List of Tools and Techniques To Cope With Pain In Labor:

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