Learn the best pelvic floor exercises to prepare for labor and help prevent leaking after birth.

Top 10 pregnancy YouTube Channels to follow to answer all your pregnancy questions!

With so much conflicting information, this video breaks down how to know what exercises and movements are safe for your body with diastasis recti.

Pregnant Mamas are BUSY these days! Many are turning to home workouts to stay fit and keep baby healthy! YouTube videos are free (the best price) and oh-so-convenient!

Of course, we think our channel Pregnancy and Postpartum TV with weekly prenatal yoga and fitness, lab...

The latest research supports that birthing upright reduces pain in labor and one study shows it reduces the second phase of labor by 23 minutes. 

The squatty potty can be used to make squatting or kneeling easier in labor and much less expensive than a birthing stool. W...

I know how exhausting pregnancy can be. Today's new video is: Good Morning Prenatal Yoga For Energy When You Are Feeling Sluggish

I use this Lion Face Pose trick to help me wake up every morning! Go ahead and laugh, but it works for me every time ;)

 xo Jess @ Pregnancy...

Today's video answers the most asked question I get, "What should I eat to lose weight?" 

While weight is very complex and involves more than food intake, what we are eating is an important aspect of weight management. 

I cover the 4 meal patterns (diets) that have scien...

Heal your sore and achy back in pregnancy with this 30-minute stretch and strengthen yoga and fitness class!

Many women have back pain in pregnancy. The stretching helps fix the pain and the strengthening helps prevent the aches from returning.

Don’t forget to GRAB...

Get rid of your "Mummy Tummy" in 10 minutes a day with these core healing exercises using the stability ball!

Join me in this short 10 minute postpartum fitness video doing 5 effective diastasis recti healing moves to get rid of your "Mummy Tummy"!

I’ve been cleared by my doctor and pelvic floor physiotherapist to start working on healing my diastasis recti by doing about 10...

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